TechMeetsArt: Alphabet art, Naija Edition.

Last month (May) I participated in the Samsung ‪#‎techmeetsart‬ competition. Participants were asked to create food art using food items, mostly Nigerian food items.

It sounded interesting when I saw it on BellaNaija. And suprisingnly about 5 of my friends sent me the link, saying it’s something they know I’d be interested in.

I had lots of ideas, shared some with my colleagues and finally after 2 weeks I decided to do the one idea that I felt was the best. Create the English Alphabet with food items. Sounds great right? 🙂 Well, I did it but I did not win 😦

But sincerely, I am proud of the time and energy I put into creating it. My neighbours at home looked at me funny when I was doing this shoot. Running around the compound trying to get the perfect lighting. Abeg it was not easy but I’m proud.

It may look so simple but trust me, it wasn’t that easy. Can anyone guess correctly, what these food items are?  

Here are some of my favourite letters and a collage with all the letters.



C copy



TechMeetsArt- Bola Bello

Also, when I posted these on a Facebook group “So you think you can cook”, it blew peoples’ minds. Look at the amount of engagement I got. I was shocked when I saw this. Hard work pays after all.




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