Would you marry a rich man’s daughter?

I was having a chat with some friends and a very interesting story came up. A lady whose father is a ‘coded’ rich man is married to a regular guy. After a year or two of marriage, the lady decided to further her studies abroad. Masters Degree, to be specific. So basically she is away for a year.

To the juicy part of the story – the father went to her husbands’ house to pick up the Range Rover Sport that he bought for her. Meaning, “Hey son-in-law, I bought this car for my daughter, so you can’t be lounging in it while my daughter is away”, shikena.

Abeg my people, what do you think? What would you do if you were in the husband’s situation. Would you be mad or fine with it?



2 thoughts on “Would you marry a rich man’s daughter?

  1. Funny I thought ‘rich men’ were regular people – does Adenuga have two heads? Here’s my take on this, Your Father’s wealth is not your wealth.
    Most parents that are significantly more financially buoyant than their pairs (i.e. rich men) tend to use their wealth as a tool to control their children. In my experience I know people who outright reject any financial aid from their parent because as far as they are concerned it’s not worth the controlling and dominating behaviour it will warrant from them.

    That said, if this guy had fulfilled all of his ‘Husbandly responsibilities’ (looking at this from a Yoruba perspective) which include; paying for the Wedding dress, paying for the accommodation they are living in, paying for his wife’s further studies and buying his wife a car the ‘rich man’ father would not have had to step in. For this babe to have gone back to her parents, things must have been rough, that or she’s always been a daddy’s girl – feel the prior is more likely in this scenario.

    In any case for the father-in-law to pull that kind of stunt, it shows that the father-in-law is clearly handing more of the husbandly responsibilities than the so-called husband and is the one wearing the pants in that household. Rather than bitching about on the internet that man needs grow a pair and step up to his responsibilities.

    If he knew he couldn’t handle it, nobody held a gun to his head before he proposed – and if he thought he could get an easy ticket by ‘marrying into a rich family’ he will soon learn that the reason wealthy people are able to maintain their wealth over the years is because they are experts at seeing though stupid people and their motives.
    Yes, I’m totally taking this ‘P’.

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